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Our solutions are developed to actively enhance your business image and boost sales.

We Make WordPress Work For You.

We are Lonlogic – London-based WordPress web design agency focused on helping young and established businesses alike to find their way in the internet’s wilderness. In this day and age, appealing to an audience is not just about focusing on a great web design – it’s about crafting the user experience from the inside out, making each and every visit both engaging and worthwhile for anyone who clicks through to you.

WordPress Web Design

We’re specialised in WordPress – a wonderfully flexible and powerful content management system that gives you just as much control as you need – but we’re also well-versed in a range of other web development standards which will help to bring your online presence to life.

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Ecommerce needn’t be difficult to understand or to put into action. Let us build you and your visitors a storefront that puts your best products forward, complemented by intuitive user interface design along with all of the tools and analysis you’ll need behind the scenes. Basing our online store strategy on the brilliant WooCommerce platform, we will transform your existing site into an online marketplace tour de force – or we can help to craft you a clean, new ecommerce standard from scratch.

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Digital Marketing

Approaching your public via the internet is less about just presenting a pretty face these days – you need to be able to market your brand, your products and your ethos across a variety of different channels. Lonlogic will work with you to analyse your existing branding, your current digital strategy and will make sure that your search engine optimisation (SEO) and related site and content approach is fine-tuned to entice Google. Get yourself seen without having to go all-out – from social media to on-page marketing and SEO, we will make sure you reach the people who need you the most.

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Data protection has long been an important part of UK law, particularly with more and more of our information being stored online and shared via social networking.  Therefore, it’s perhaps no surprise that there have been changes made to the way in which such data is protected for EU citizens, and, as such, websites and other platforms likely to collect such data are going to need to become fully compliant by May 2018.  The General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR, is something which all websites will need to pay attention to moving forward.




When it comes to getting a web design up and running which works wonders both for you and your visitors, there’s hardly a better place to start than with WordPress. WordPress has very quickly become the go-to platform for those who look to build their own web presences up from scratch and under their own steam. (more…)